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It’s All About Balancing

By Yew-Por Ng, M.D. Our hormones are the most delicately balanced system of our bodies. The same hormones that keep us healthy and happy can cause emotional and physical distress if they are not in equilibrium. Women with a healthy hormone balance tend to enjoy long, healthy and productive lives. However, long-term hormonal imbalance can […]


Four Most Common Hormone Disorders in Women

Reprinted with Permission from the Security & Wellness e-Newsletter by Hormones play a major role in how well your body functions and how you feel from day to day. If your hormones are in balance, you likely sleep well and have lots of energy, a strong sex drive, and well-functioning immune and digestive […]


Killing Her Softly

(Author Unknown) When the alarm rings she slowly gets out of bed, turns on the shower and under the steady stream of warm water, she gently scrubs her body with Ammonia, Formaldehyde and Phenol. Next, she shampoos her tinted hair with DEA and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Rinsing the shampoo, she applies a good amount of […]