Donna’s BHRT Story

In 1998 I was experiencing low energy, high blood pressure, pelvic pain, heavy bleeding and constant pressure on my bladder. A visit to my Gynecologist revealed Fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and an enlarged uterus.  My doctor’s recommendation was a total hysterectomy. I was not convinced that this was absolutely necessary and so my search for an alternative began.

A friend of mine gave me some material to read that spoke about a change in diet and lifestyle. It also explained how the food we put into our bodies has a direct correlation to how our body will function. The suggestions in the book seemed pretty radical to me but I was desperate and decided to give it a try. I began drinking freshly extracted vegetable juice, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I eliminated white sugar, dairy and meat from my diet. (I learned that the hormones and antibiotics used in dairy and animal products had a direct correlation to the estrogen dominance symptoms I was experiencing and that it was a major contributor to my fibroid tumors.) I also began taking a natural cleanse product to help clean out my colon and get rid of toxins.

Within one month I had lost 20 lbs., had more energy and less pain. I continued reading and studying all I could find on the subject of women’s health. I read the book by Dr. John R. Lee, titled “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” and began using a bio-identical natural progesterone cream as he recommended. Within another three months my periods were lighter and back to normal and no pain!

I decided to go to a different Gynecologist for a check up and get another opinion.  All he could find was one small fibroid and my uterus was back to its normal size. He found nothing unusual and certainly did not see where I would need a hysterectomy!  He did, however, recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy because of my small frame and the risk of osteoporosis, but again I refused, choosing rather to go the natural way. (Dr. Lee has much to say on the subject of osteoporosis in Chapter 12 of the above mentioned book, so I already knew that I was on the right trail with the progesterone cream and that I did not need to use the doctor’s synthetic approach!)

Six months after starting on the natural progesterone cream, I took a saliva test (the best way to check for hormone levels) and it showed my hormones were in BALANCE!!

It is now 2011 – I am feeling great and I still have all my innards! How thankful I am that I did not give in to the recommendations of my doctor!  I am not suggesting this is the answer for ALL women and I am not saying to go against your doctor’s advise.  What I AM saying is that there is a great deal of information and help available if you are willing to try a natural approach first. Surgery is always an option, but it wasn’t my first choice!

I am passionate about helping other women. If you are experiencing female health problems, or menopausal symptoms, let me encourage you to check out the alternatives.

Remember – you don’t have to suffer!  There IS another way- the natural progesterone way!!!

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