Customer Testimonials

While spending time with my son and his family, my grandson overheard
me talking about natural progesterone cream and how it was helping
women with hot flashes. My grandson piped up “You need to talk to my
granny about that stuff!” Well my daughter-in-law gave her mother some
cream and she put it in her medicine cabinet. She continued having hot
flashes and one day finally decided to give the cream a try. It worked!!
The rest is history! – DB

Thanks so much for introducing me to this great product. I began to
feel results almost immediately. My husband says I am a changed woman!
Others have noticed too! – VB

Wow! That’s all I can say – after just one day my body was breathing a sigh of relief! – CD

My only complaint is that I didn’t know about this sooner! My hot
flashes are gone, I am now able to sleep better and I am not so crabby.
My husband calls it my “happy” cream! He says thank you too! – CC

My doctor told me I had fibroid tumors and gave me a prescription for
birth control pills. After hearing your testimony I decided to give
natural progesterone a try – when I returned to my doctor 6 months later
for a check up he was pleasantly surprised – he said my fibroids were
responding to the pills. When I told him I hadn’t taken any of the pills
he was shocked and asked me what I had done – I told him about the
natural progesterone and he said – “Well, keep up whatever you are
doing!” I am so thankful I decided to try the natural way! – JW

I had been using natural progesterone cream to help with hot flashes,
depression, and other symptoms associated with pre-menopause. I had
been using the cream for a few years and I was feeling good so I decided
to stop using it. Several months later I began experiencing hot flashes
again and you encouraged me to start using the cream. It began working
almost immediately! I am sleeping better too! Thanks for reminding me
about this simple solution to a very annoying problem. – JH

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